Marc and Dan Lucchesi from Melbourne band Vaudeville Smash visit the Waffle Music studio to talk about their new album Dancing For The Girl. We find out what they’d be doing if they weren’t musicians, how they write songs, where their musical talents come from, how their fans helped fund their trip to the US, and which one of the brothers can sing like Mariah Carey…you’ll even get to hear it. Plus oh so much more including their songs Don’t Say A Word and Dancing For The Girl. Bonus – special guest appearance(s) from a packet of M&M’s.

They are touring nationally for Dancing For The Girl this June:

Dates and info: vaudevillesmash.com/live/

Vaudeville Smash are all over the web – find them here:

Web: vaudevillesmash.com
iTunes: Dancing for the Girl
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/vaudevillesmash
Facebook: facebook.com/thevaudevillesmash

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  1. U guys excite me


  2. Sweet podcast! Never heard of Vaudeville Smash before, but I’ve just listened to their entire album on Spotify. Love it.


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