Show notes:

Look carefully at the foods you bring in to the house!

1. Breakfast:

Protein is important.

One of Joey’s favorite breakky ideas is rye toast with avocado as a spread, poached or boiled egg and baby spinach on top.

Alternatives to butter or margarine – avocado and hommus are just two great options.

Another breakfast idea Joey loves: baby spinach, kale, beans, tomato and poached egg.

Kale – is a green leafy vegetable. This superfood isn’t always easy to find in all supermarkets here in Oz, but look out for it in the vegetable department. Joey finds it at her local farmers market.

If you don’t like eggs for breakfast, other protein sources are turkey, beans and yoghurt.

2. Lunch:

Pack your own lunch for work when you can and avoid the temptation to hit the vending machine.

Ask yourself – Is there greens? Is there protein? Is there carbs? Joey speaks about the benefits of addressing these three questions.

Lots of ‘green’ options – think lettuce, baby spinach, cos lettuce, kale, and don’t forget sprouts!

Joey’s lunch idea for work:

Pack the following:

Can of tuna (unopened.)

Lettuce mix of your own choice, like spinach, rocket, alfalfa, 2 cherry tomatoes, 1/4 avocado, stored in a tupperware type container.

1 tsp low fat cottage cheese. (you could even keep a little tub in your work fridge)

2 pieces of rye or whole wheat or Cruskit type biscuits in a zip lock bag.

When you get to work, spread the cottage cheese on your biscuits, place sliced avocado and tomatoes, greens and then tuna on top!

You could also swap the tuna for chicken if you like.

An apple or a some almonds and bottle of water could also complement the meal!

3. Snack ideas:

Work at a desk? Why not pre-prepare your snacks. Pre-cut fruit so it’s ready and handy for you to snack on.

On the road? Think freshly squeezed juices!

A small amount of nuts, an apple ‘on the go’ or even celery or carrot or cucumber with hommus are other snack options.

Joey believes in eating for wellness and total wellbeing, and having everything in proportion.

Joey talks about carbohydrates – it’s role in exercise and as part of a well balanced diets.

Remember balance and total wellbeing.

4. Dinner:

Summer salads!

Joey’s Teriyaki Chicken Salad:

Joey likes to cook up some delicious Teriyaki chicken…while it’s cooking, grab a couple of varieties of lettuce, like baby spinach and cos lettuce, ad some sprouts (like alfalfa), some avocado, tomato, finely sliced red onion, and some fresh herbs – think coriander, dill or parsley – mix it  up, drizzle with fresh lemon and olive oil.

Place salad on plate and chicken on top.

Cold salad:

Joey’s Bean Salad:

Place on a platter: green string beans (prepared & washed), chopped beetroot topped with walnuts and fetta cheese. Sprinkle with lemon juice, olive oil, pepper.

Andie talks about a new food she recently discovered a grain-like food called quinoa. (pronounced kin-wah) She likes to use it in place of quinoa. You can usually find it in the health section of the supermarket.

Andie’s Quinoa Salad:

Prepare quinoa as per directions on packet. Once cooked and cooled, add cubed tomato, avocado, and cucumber, sliced shallots and optional grated carrot. Add chopped parsley and mint and sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil. Mix and serve as a yummy side salad. You could also add other veges too, like red and green capsicum. Salt & pepper optional.

Visit http://www.feelgoodshow.tv/feel-good-tv-episode-19-andie-crook-the-feel-good-podcast/ to watch Joey’s interview with Andie about the launch of The Feel Good Podcast here where they mention juicing sweet potato in this juice.

Sunset Blend Juice

1 large sweet potato, 1 med carrot, 1 red capsicum, 2 beetroot, 2 golden delicious apples, 1 optional orange

Juice it and pour over ice.

Recipe is from www.jointhereboot.com.

They talk about Joe Cross’s documentary Fat Sick And Nearly Dead. (See http://fatsickandnearlydead.com for more information) Available to watch on iTunes too.

Joey’s Summer Refresher Juice.

Spinach, celery, carrot, cucumber, beetroot and green apple.

Visit http://feelgoodshow.tv/summer-refresher-juice/ to see the video of Joey making this recipe.

If you buy fresh juice from a juice bar / stall, be aware that sometimes syrups or sweeteners could be added. Joey believes fruit and vegetables are tasty and nutritious enough on their own!

Ideas for kids:

Pop freshly squeezed pineapple or apple into ice trays. They make a novel way to “eat” juice.

Nice twist on that for adults: Make lemon / lime juice and mint ice cubes to pop into your glass of water.

Andie’s favourite websites for inspiration to eat well and recipes:

http://pinterest.com – see the health & fitness category and look out for healthy recipes.
http://taste.com.au – search by category
http://jointhereboot.com – great juicing recipes
http://heartfoundation.org.au – click on the ‘healthy eating’ tab, then click on ‘recipes’ on the left hand side.

Joey’s mantra for this episode: When I eat well, I feel well I will nourish my body with feel good foods.

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