Show Notes

Listen to find out how to use Joey’s 5 Steps To Strong.

1. Want It And Write It Down. Keep it handy – some where you can see it!

2. Go And Get It! Write a plan of action.

3. Believe In Yourself. Joey discusses a book she read that inspired her – The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz’.

4. Step Up And Set Targets. Decide what actual steps that you need to take are to achieve your goal and take action!

5.Remember To Reward Yourself. This is a great motivator…but remember to reward yourself with healthy options!

Joey & Andie discuss Tea-2 (t2tea.com) as a great place to find funky cups and tea varieties. They mention Melbourne Breakfast, Bright Night, and Gorgeous Geisha as their favourites.

Joey’s mantra: Next Time You FInd Temptation Knocking, answer the door with ‘I can do this!’  


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