Show Notes

Whether your aim is weight loss, weight gain, or you just want to feel fit and vibrant, Joey’s Three Training Tips For Total Wellness may just help you out!

Train Your Body – the benefits of doing activities you love, rather than activities you hate. Different and fun ways to train your body – think outside the gym.

Eat Well – have you eaten enough greens? Think about each meal and evaluate your daily diet. Carbs, protein, water – these are all things you need to think about when training. The food you bring in to your house will re most likely the foods you will eat and snack on. Ask yourself what is in your fridge? What foods are at eye level? Are the foods in your fridge healthy? Are there a good variety of foods? Joey evaluates Andie’s fridge and they answer these questions. Healthy snack ideas to fill your fridge.

Train Your Brain. Start ‘thinking positive’ from the moment you wake up! Feel good! The benefits of starting your day in a good mind frame.

Joey’s mantra for this episode: I will train not only my body but my diet and my brain to help me feel good.

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