Show Notes

This episode, Andie’s based in Melbourne while Joey in Texas, baby!

We find out if they took their own advice on their recent holidays and stayed active while they travelled.

Andie talks about staying active on her holiday to Noosa which included ditching the hire car for leg power.

Joey talks about the benefits of incidental exercise and her current travel journey. Hear about her experience in the Bahamas and on board a cruise ship!

She discusses the amazing fitness activities she participated in on The Oasis Of The Sea cruise ship. Think rock climbing, running (on an actual tack!) and mini-golf.

Joey discovers mantras displayed on board the ship – she shares one about dessert!

Find out how to eat healthy while you’re away on holidays – sometimes it can be challenging, but it is possible. You don’t have to eat fast food!

Tips on how to snack healthily when you’re on a road trip.

Joey tells us she’s off to Canada for snow season.

Andie talks about her horse riding (non)experience on her holidays.

Joey talks about FOMA on holidays. Fear Of Missing Out – enjoy the moment that you’re in.

Joey’s mantra: “It’s important to take time out for me to rest and rejuvenate.”

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