Show Notes

Welcome to The Feel Good Podcast

Joey & Andie introductions

Joey talks about being an Ambassador for CanTeen, the Australian organisation for young people living with cancer which offers support, information, and resources. http://www.canteen.org.au/

Joey has been running for CanTeen by taking part in events to Raise More Than A Sweat. Suggested Raise More Than A Sweat events for 2012 are listed on their website: http://www.canteen.org.au/default.asp?articleid=2551&menuid=267

Benefits of running for charity

Social aspects of taking part in fun runs – running in a group, shared goals, why it’s fun, benefits of training and running in a group

Fun runs for fashion – reference to Joey’s video ‘Fitness Fashion At Lorna Jane’ at feelgoodshow.tv – http://www.feelgoodshow.tv/feel-good-tv-episode-17-fitness-fashion-at-lorna-jane/

Hardcore running events:

Tough Mudder – entries open for 2013, info at their website http://toughmudder.com.au/events/

The Stampede – 8/9/12 Brisbane, 27/10/12 Melbourne, 17/11/12 Sydney

5K Zombie Obstacle Run

Motivation – advantages of training with friends

Joey’s top 3 training tips for fun runs.
1. Get a support network around you
2. Join a social fitness group, gym or running group or get a personal trainer
3. Choose a fun run or event as your goal to work towards that you know you will enjoy!

Joey’s mantra for episode 1: With every step I take I’m one step closer to the finish line.

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