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Mode_Set_Clear_albumWhen Villainy was in OZ recently for their Alligator Skin tour, we were lucky enough to have the NZ boys drop in at Waffle Music.

In between tour stories, tales of playing alongside Offspring and Incubus and exploring their love of dumplings, Thom & Neill played a couple of stripped back but totally rocking acoustics.

Have a listen to Villainy on Episode 13 of Waffle Music.

Enter below, and you could score a physical copy of Villainy’s latest album featuring their single Alligator Skin!

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What id the name of Villainy's new album?

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Score a copy of the brand spanking new EP from Lester The Fierce!

The amazingly talented and creative Anita from Lester The Fierce stopped by the Waffle Music studio for a chat with Andie about everything from performing, ghost-writing pop songs and illustrating kids books, to getting kicked out of the US. Seriously. Oh, and her two insanely beautiful acoustic performances are honestly a must-listen!

Hear it all on Episode 11 of Waffle Music. Stream it online or grab it on iTunes.

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What id the name of Villainy's new album?

 I would like to receive occasional emails about Waffle Music promotions and podcasts


Wanna win a copy of Animal Hands’ self titled debut EP?

Find out more about Melbourne based band Animal Hands by checking out Andie’s interview with lead singer Danielle Whalebone on Episode 8 of Waffle Music. Stream it online or grab it on iTunes.

To be in the running for a physical copy of Animal Hands latest EP, just fill in the form below!

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What id the name of Villainy's new album?

 I would like to receive occasional emails about Waffle Music promotions and podcasts

wafflemusic-coverart-1400x1400Waffle Music is a brand new music podcast available on iTunes, hosted by Melbourne based radio presenter Andie Crook.

Each week, Andie is joined in the Waffle Music studio by one artist or band for an intimate chat – covering topics like the creative process, the benefits of social media, on-tour shenanigans and more.

The podcast provides a fantastic opportunity for musicians to step out from behind the microphone and connect with their fans (and new ones!) by sharing their own stories.

Being a platform for music discovery, guests are also invited to play an in-studio, two-song acoustic session as part of the interview.

Andie says, “my aim for Waffle Music is to showcase all types of music, especially Aussie stuff, and expose music lovers to new bands and artists. It also totally taps in to my own personal love of music. The Waffle Music podcast format means that I can chat to musicians in a long form way, so we can discuss more than what is sometimes possible in a brief ‘promo chat.’ This has lead to some fascinating and hilarious stories. I can’t wait to share them with everyone!”

Episodes 1-6 feature pop band Vaudeville Smash, Gustaf from Melbourne/US based rockers goodbyemotel, indie guys Pretty City, Melbourne’s Buchan, Brisbane’s Hey Geronimo and MC Momo from hip hop duo Diafrix. Upcoming guests include Hamish Anderson and Animal Hands…to name a few! Look up Waffle Music on iTunes to listen, or stream the shows at

Professional artists and bands with original music interested in appearing on Waffle Music can submit their details at Interviews are recorded in person in Melbourne, so artists will need to be local or touring at the time.

Andie Crook has been working on Melbourne radio for almost 7 years, formerly a radio presenter on Melbourne’s Nova, Fox FM & Triple M. She currently presents weekend shows on Mix 101.1. Andie is also currently watching her first ever baby bump get bigger, expecting her first child later this year…and dares anyone to tell her she can’t have that 3rd piece of chocolate cake!

polaroid-wm1Waffle Music, with Andie Crook.
Listen online at
Or look up Waffle Music on iTunes.
Hear some highlights of Episode 1 in under 2 minutes at


For more information contact Andie or email

Professional bands and artists with original music…

Waffle Music is about to launch!

It’s a dedicated, music-only podcast and you’re invited to be a part of it!

Each episode of Waffle Music features one band only. Yep, that means an episode all about you.

The aim for this show is to showcase all types of music (especially Aussie stuff!) and expose music lovers to new bands and artists. If you’re keen on some extra promotion, to connect with new and existing fans or if you have new music to launch, let us know.


You’ll need to be in Melbourne, or touring at the time, so the interview can be recorded ‘in-person’ at a Melbourne recording studio. Also, be prepared to bring at least a guitar so you can treat listeners to an acoustic song or two that you’d like to promote.

I’m very excited to have already interviewed some awesome musicians and look forward to possibly chatting to you too.

Contact us via the band submission form.


Have you heard episode 6 of The Feel Good Podcast? It’s called 4 Ways To Eat Well – Let’s Cook! Joey talks about how to eat well for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time, and we both share a heap of our favourite recipes.

Check out the show notes for an outline of what we talk about and for our recipes. There’s also a media player there too – just hit the play button to listen to the podcast episode. Or of course you can look up The Feel Good Podcast on itunes and listen on the go.

During this episode I talk about the Sunset Blend Juice, a recipe that I discovered on There is an amazing range of juicing ideas there. If you’re interested in juicing, Fat Sick And Nearly Dead is a really interesting documentary, and explains the story behind the website.

Above is a pic of the fun and flavour filled Sunset Blend Juice – one of my favourite juices to make! It’s so incredibly bright and pleasant tasting, you could almost forget that it’s actually good for you! The pic has no fancy Instagram filters on it or anything – cool, huh,

Want another great juicing ideas? Watch this video of Joey making her Summer Refresher Juice. Just 6 ingredients to make a nutritious juice in 6 minutes! Check it out to see how it’s done. It looks delicious.

If you have a juice recipe you’d like to tell us about, leave your name and your recipe (or a link to it!) in the comments below. We’d love to share it on a future episode of The Feel Good Podcast.

Thanks for stopping by!


Here’s a step-by-step cheat-sheet on how to listen to every episode of The Feel Good Podcast for free!

Ps. If you’ve found this podcast through Feel Good TV, have you seen Joey’s On The Couch interview with Andie? Watch it here at

Listening while sitting in front of your computer.
(‘Streaming the podcast,’ if you want to get all fancy-schmancy.)

1. Type in your browser.

2. Click on the ‘Our Shows’ tab at the top of the page.

3. Click on ‘The Feel Good Podcast.’

4. Now you can see all the episodes of The Feel Good Podcast. You should be able to see the title of the most recent episode, along with a little media player, and under that, a written summary about what’s discussed in the show. (These are called ‘show notes’ in podcasting-speak!)

5. Just hit the play button on the media player, and you’re away! When you’ve finished listening, scroll down to hear previous podcasts too.

Tip: plug a set of headphones into your computer and you can listen at work! On your lunch break of course.

Listening on the go, using your iPhone. 3 quick steps.

1. If you’ve got an iPhone, go to the App store and download the free app called Podcasts, by Apple. (It’s a purple icon). It makes podcast listening really easy!

2. When it has finished installing, click on the Podcasts icon on your phone to open the App.

3. Click the ‘Catalogue’ button in the top left corner. Type ‘The Feel Good Podcast’ in the search bar and click the blue search button. When you see The Feel Good Podcast by Waffle Network (it should be first in the list), tap on it then hit ‘subscribe.’

Wah-la! Now The Feel Good Podcast in in your Podcasts app!

Click on the title of the episode to start listening immediately (you’ll need a 3G connection to stream the audio).

Or you can hit the ‘down arrow’ to download it to your phone and listen to it immediately or at a later time – even if you don’t have internet connection at all, because it’s already on your phone!


Whenever you want to hear the latest episode of The Feel Good Show, just click on the Podcasts app on your phone, and it’ll be there waiting.

Tip: Always remember that streaming and downloading uses your phone’s internet data plan.

Howdy, Andie here.

Thanks for checking out the Waffle Network. This is where you’ll find a bunch of fun, entertaining and informative podcasts about a range of exciting topics.

Our very first podcast, The Feel Good Podcast, is finally here!

I’ve joined forces with wellness and fitness expert Joey Toutounji for The Feel Good Podcast, and we’ll be chatting all things health, wellness, fitness, nutrition and travel on the show. We’ve been having so much fun working on everything behind the scenes, Joey are thrilled to finally share our first show with you.

Make sure you subscribe in iTunes so you catch every episode.

Join us for a chat on Twitter or hit up the contact page anytime.


Joey – @feelgoodjoey and

Andie – @andiecrook