Here’s a step-by-step cheat-sheet on how to listen to every episode of The Feel Good Podcast for free!

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Listening while sitting in front of your computer.
(‘Streaming the podcast,’ if you want to get all fancy-schmancy.)

1. Type in your browser.

2. Click on the ‘Our Shows’ tab at the top of the page.

3. Click on ‘The Feel Good Podcast.’

4. Now you can see all the episodes of The Feel Good Podcast. You should be able to see the title of the most recent episode, along with a little media player, and under that, a written summary about what’s discussed in the show. (These are called ‘show notes’ in podcasting-speak!)

5. Just hit the play button on the media player, and you’re away! When you’ve finished listening, scroll down to hear previous podcasts too.

Tip: plug a set of headphones into your computer and you can listen at work! On your lunch break of course.

Listening on the go, using your iPhone. 3 quick steps.

1. If you’ve got an iPhone, go to the App store and download the free app called Podcasts, by Apple. (It’s a purple icon). It makes podcast listening really easy!

2. When it has finished installing, click on the Podcasts icon on your phone to open the App.

3. Click the ‘Catalogue’ button in the top left corner. Type ‘The Feel Good Podcast’ in the search bar and click the blue search button. When you see The Feel Good Podcast by Waffle Network (it should be first in the list), tap on it then hit ‘subscribe.’

Wah-la! Now The Feel Good Podcast in in your Podcasts app!

Click on the title of the episode to start listening immediately (you’ll need a 3G connection to stream the audio).

Or you can hit the ‘down arrow’ to download it to your phone and listen to it immediately or at a later time – even if you don’t have internet connection at all, because it’s already on your phone!


Whenever you want to hear the latest episode of The Feel Good Show, just click on the Podcasts app on your phone, and it’ll be there waiting.

Tip: Always remember that streaming and downloading uses your phone’s internet data plan.

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