Professional bands and artists with original music…

Waffle Music is about to launch!

It’s a dedicated, music-only podcast and you’re invited to be a part of it!

Each episode of Waffle Music features one band only. Yep, that means an episode all about you.

The aim for this show is to showcase all types of music (especially Aussie stuff!) and expose music lovers to new bands and artists. If you’re keen on some extra promotion, to connect with new and existing fans or if you have new music to launch, let us know.


You’ll need to be in Melbourne, or touring at the time, so the interview can be recorded ‘in-person’ at a Melbourne recording studio. Also, be prepared to bring at least a guitar so you can treat listeners to an acoustic song or two that you’d like to promote.

I’m very excited to have already interviewed some awesome musicians and look forward to possibly chatting to you too.

Contact us via the band submission form.


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