Have you heard episode 6 of The Feel Good Podcast? It’s called 4 Ways To Eat Well – Let’s Cook! Joey talks about how to eat well for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time, and we both share a heap of our favourite recipes.

Check out the show notes for an outline of what we talk about and for our recipes. There’s also a media player there too – just hit the play button to listen to the podcast episode. Or of course you can look up The Feel Good Podcast on itunes and listen on the go.

During this episode I talk about the Sunset Blend Juice, a recipe that I discovered on http://jointhereboot.com. There is an amazing range of juicing ideas there. If you’re interested in juicing, Fat Sick And Nearly Dead is a really interesting documentary, and explains the story behind the jointhereboot.com website.

Above is a pic of the fun and flavour filled Sunset Blend Juice – one of my favourite juices to make! It’s so incredibly bright and pleasant tasting, you could almost forget that it’s actually good for you! The pic has no fancy Instagram filters on it or anything – cool, huh,

Want another great juicing ideas? Watch this video of Joey making her Summer Refresher Juice. Just 6 ingredients to make a nutritious juice in 6 minutes! Check it out to see how it’s done. It looks delicious.

If you have a juice recipe you’d like to tell us about, leave your name and your recipe (or a link to it!) in the comments below. We’d love to share it on a future episode of The Feel Good Podcast.

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